Positive Impact Points

Get rewarded for the good you do every day.


Imagine if every time you rode the Mountain Metro bus, biked, or recycled, they were rewarded with a ‘currency of good,’ that you could redeem for great deals on healthy food, fitness classes and responsibly-made gear OR use to unlock matching scholarship grants.


Well, now you can with the PIPs (positive impact points) Rewards App, chock full of special offers, games and cool prizes like ski passes, tickets to shows at the Ent Center for the Arts, and climbing gym passes!


PIPs are Positive Impact Points - a ‘currency of change’ - that are earned and redeemed  for verifiable daily life behaviors that benefit the planet, community and personal health. Behaviors are tracked and rewarded via the PIPs Rewards App that has been customized for UCCS students.


Download PIPs Today

Get PIPs Today.

Download the PIPs Rewards App (on an iOs or Android device), and sign in using the UCCS email (If you don't use the UCCS email, you'll miss out on all the UCCS-Only content and contests.) 

Three Easy Ways to Get the PIPs App: 

  • Download PIPs to your iPhone or Android device by scanning the PIPs QR Code. 
  • Download PIPs from Google Play 
  • Download PIPs from the Apple Store

A ‘currency of change’ - that are earned and redeemed by...

  1. Riding your Bike
  2. Volunteering
  3. Attending UCCS Events
  4. Refilling your Water Bottle
  5. Answering Trivia
  6. Riding the City Metro Bus
  7. Taking a Group Fitness Class at the Rec Center
  8. Recruiting a Friend

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Reach out to our friends at PIPs support@pipsrewards.com

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Email or call | sustain@uccs.edu | 719.255.3558