PIPs for School Scholarship


PIPs for School

UCCS is participating in a program called PIPs for School utilizing the PIPs Rewards mobile app. Students who download the app and log in using their UCCS login can earn Positive Impact Points (PIPs) for actions that benefit personal wellness, the environment and community good. Using the PIPs for School feature on the app, students can then turn the PIPs they earn into a scholarship to pay toward their tuition and fees.

How to Earn PIPs for School

  1. Start committing PIPs in the PIPs for school tab of the PIPs app. Pledge a portion of all PIPs earned in the future or make a one-time commitment in increments of 2,500 PIPs. 
  2. Commit at least 10,000 PIPs before January 1 for Spring semester and June 1 for Fall semester to receive PIPs for School Scholarship. 
  3. PIPs for School scholarship dollars are available until the fund has been depleted for the Academic year. 

How many PIPs for School do I need for a Scholarship?

Once you have committed at least 10,000 PIPs to PIPs for School, you are eligible for a PIPs for School Scholarship. 10,000 PIPs for School = $100 scholarship. If funds are available. A maximum of 50,000 PIPs can be committed to PIPs for School in on academic year.